Tsvetomir Nikolov

Chef Tsvetomir Nikolov

Head Chef with over 10 years’ international experience in the Food and Beverage industry, Nikolov has a unique method of cooking, creating and overcoming every challenge. Nikolov is a hardworking, motivated and enthusiastic Chef who has a real passion for food and is always exceeds customers’ expectations.
He is able to ensure strict compliance with the highest standards and always deliver culinary masterpieces. He is not only a strong team leader, but he is also a good team player who has the experience required to create a stimulating, positive and energetic working atmosphere.
Tsvetomir Nikolov owns a wonderful new restaurant named Niko’las 0° / 360° in Sofia, which focuses on the creation of homemade dishes, welcoming the customers to watch how every dish is cooked and prepared. Niko’las 0° / 360° covers every unique taste and has already gained great impressions in Sofia as it is becoming more and more popular. Every month there is also a guest Chef who is cooking the finest delicacies for all the guests of this great restaurant. Niko’las 0° / 360° ’s innovative style has attracted plenty of people who desire to experience something unique, tasty and innovative!

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