Mario Perez

Chef Mario Perez

Mario Pérez Sánchez, was born and raised in Perú. He studied graphic design and cooking. After working in some Peruvian restaurants, he arrived in Barcelona looking for new challenges. “I get to work for BCN 5.0, alliance between the Adriá Brothers and the Iglesias Brothers, in 41º Deegres and Pakta, after that I threw myself in a concept called Nomadic gastronomist, where I got the chance to travel and cook in different concepts and countries all around Europe”, he says.
At present he is working on the first Open Source Restaurant called LEKA, where he combines the seasonal product with his latin influence, calling this concept New Tropical Food. Moreover, he is working as a gastronomist in RMHÄR, the Nomad Institute of Augmented Creativity, making workshops and sharing experience with Standford University and the Malaysian Imagination Center.
Cooking, playing, learning… is his life.
It’s all about sense, expression and flavor memories when it comes to his way of cooking. Mario Pérez also supports you can draw inspiration from everything in order to create an artistic dish that will elevate your senses!
Mario Perez
is cooking Tropical Peruvian Cuisine, a Latin-American based cooking concept, a a brand new type of cuisine emerging directly from LEKA restaurant in Barcelona. Discover the Peruvian Cuisine, which largely consists of spicy dishes, meat, fresh fruit and vegetables. This passionate Chef is cooking for you with authentic Peruvian ingredients creating a unique Latin American experience. However, it doesn’t stop there; he tries to combine things creatively, mixing and connecting cooking and history. Culinary enthusiasts are getting inspired from the Peruvian fusion cuisine. Creative, playful, crispy, acid, sweet, spicy, hot and very very tasty. Are you ready?

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