Jordi Esteve

Chef Jordi Esteve

Jordi Esteve is one of the most promising chefs of Catalunya. His long stages in L’Ambroisie in Paris and in Girasol in Alicante, combined with trips to Japan, have helped him adopt a wide range of skills that allow him to combine and create unique culinary creations. This talented Michelin Star Chef has sufficient knowledge of the ancient and modern culinary techniques that help him find a perfect balance in his dishes.
His style is based on quality and creativity, stepping always beyond the ordinary paths. His dishes are specialized in Catalan cuisine, seeking balance between creativity, innovation and traditional cuisine, taking always into account the quality of the raw material.
Jordi Esteve is a virtuoso who specialises in products. His mastery and sensitivity in the kitchen have taken him to some of the most reputed European and Spanish restaurants.
These include:
• Rest. Martin Berasategui (2 Michelin Star) in San Sebastián,
• Rest. l’Ambrosie (3 Michelin Stars) and Le Pré Catalan in Paris
• Rest. El Girasol (2 Michelin Stars) in Moraira (Alicante)
• Jordi was a Kitchen Consultant to the Silversea luxury cruise line.
He has also worked in many first-rate hotels and spoken as a guest chef at many gastronomic conferences in different parts of the world.

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