Dimitrios Pamporis

Chef Dimitrios Pamporis

Dimitris Pamporis is a young accomplished chef, having been active in the field of gastronomy for almost fifteen years. The great chef is inspired by the variety and wealth of the Greek cuisine, aiming to modernize the culinary delights of Greece by using local products and his imagination. In fact, Dimitris Pamporis follows a wonderful combination of tradition and modernity in his kitchen.
As the world-famous magazine, Rolling Pin, mentions (See here) , Dimitris goes beyond “tzatziki” implementing his imagination to create above limits! Rolling Pin also continues stating that this unique approach has given him a variety of awards, emphasizing the fact that he is the reason why the Apocalypsis Restaurant in Patmos has been named the Best Restaurant in Greece; making it the number one address for food lovers.
The chef focuses on acquiring the best quality products and ingredients that Greece has to offer. “You can’t create a first-class dish without first-class ingredients”, explains Pamporis. “You must first learn where you come from before you can take the next evolutionary step”, he continues.
Dimitris is also promoting Greek cuisine internationally. His participation in the 5th Gastronomy Festival explains that overwhelmingly! Have a taste of Dimitris’ creations and join us in our PREMIER 5th Gastronomy Festival to discover them all!

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