Alexandar Alexiev

Chef Alexandar Alexiev

Alexiev is a young and promising chef whose passion for the culinary art has offered him plenty of experiences that have made him stand out! He is used to working in the dynamic area of great and busy resorts and his creative mind is always helping him make the most creative dishes.
Chef Alexiev has more than 15 years culinary experience and his passion is to always learn new techniques that will help him introduce innovative ideas within the traditional cuisine. He has participated in all the three previous Gastronomy Festivals, acquiring important organizational and creative skills. He has also participated in the organization of the Balkan Culinary Completion which is getting more and more popular every year.
He loves the freedom of expression that cooking gives him and is willing to work hard to build a career in the culinary world.
Meet the great Chef at the 5th Gastronomy Festival in Bansko from 4-20 November 2016!

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