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The Chefs of the Gastronomy Festival 2014
Famous and talented Chefs from all over the world are going to reveal the secrets of Bulgarian cuisine & gastronomy.
  • Roeland Klein (1* Michelin chef)
    Michelin Star Chef Roeland Klein is a great artist of the kitchen. For Roeland, cooking is carefully nurtured in the family. Everything that he learned in the early stages of his exciting career, he learned in his own father’s kitchen. Observing, tasting, and learning, he gained a firsthand experience of absolute excellence and mastery, which he always strives towards. Exploration is his inspiration. Now, Roeland is delivering the fruits of his inspiration in his kitchen, introducing guests to a wholly new experience within the world of food. The art of Roeland is guaranteed to make an unforgettable impression on you.

  • Michalis Ntounetas
    With working experience in Luxembourg, Milan, Cuba, Morocco and Athens, Michalis Ntounetas is a highly acclaimed chef, technical advisor in big food companies and teacher in big cooking schools. He will present the French cuisine through his own experience.

  • Giorgos Stylianoudakis (Pentelikon Hotel, Athens, Greece)
    George Stylianoudakis, after having cooperated for many years with worldwide famous names in gastronomy, decided to combine the modern cooking techniques that are being used by the best restaurants nowadays, with the Cretan cuisine, by creating the “Modern Cretan Cuisine” which he will present in the menu he will create.

  • Dimitris Katrivesis (CINCO restaurant, Athens)
    Dimitris Katrivesis presents through his own eyes and after having travelled to Japan, Peru, Russia, China and Greece, the combination of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine Nikkei, which is nowadays in the centre of attention of all chefs worldwide.

  • Chronis Damalas (KIKU restaurant, Athens – GASPAR restaurant, Athens – KIKU, Mykonos – CAVO TAGOO, Mykonos)
    Having worked at top restaurants all over the world (New York, France, Spain, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Iceland, Greece) Chronis Damalas has received many awards during his career and he is considered as one of the most creative chefs of his generation. He specializes in Japanese cuisine, with emphasis to the Jap-Greek fusion.

  • Robin Villarreal Monserrate (HRC Culinary Academy in Sofia)
    After many years of experience in Mexico and Bulgaria, Robin Villarreal Monserrate has been Head Chef Instructor / Executive Chef at HRC Culinary Academy Sofia branch since 2011. He will prepare a menu inspired by his home country and present us with authentic Mexican flavours.

  • Elder EPIFANIOS (Certified chef, member of the WACS - World Association of Chefs Societies)
    Elder Epifanios is a highly acclaimed chef, author of the book “The cuisine of the Holy Mountain Athos” with century-old recipes from the Monastery cuisine of Mount Athos and the mastermind behind the multi-awarded biological MYLOPOTAMOS wines. His culinary skills have taken by surprise the whole of Europe, urging Jamie Oliver cook with him and making Michelin-star French chefs wonder how a very simple dish can turn out so delicious.

  • PROCOPIO GAETANO (Bellmond Villa Sant’ Andrea, Sicily)
    Directly from Sicily, Procopio Gaetano is a very talented and famous chef. He specializes in Sicilian cuisine, with his own unique touch, creating mouth-watering dishes.

  • Ivelin Ivanov (Sous Chef at QUINTA DO LAGO restaurant in Monte da Quinta resort, Portugal)
    An upcoming talented chef with many years of experience in Bulgaria, Germany and Portugal. He is currently working alongside the Michelin * Chef Mr Roeland Klein in Portugal.

  • Orexis Team
    “OREXIS” is a Culinology team of 5 professionals, who approach food in a different way. The outcome of this synergy is the blending of food with science and technology. In addition, they include Bartending which allows them to create unique tasteful combinations. Do not miss the festival’s Opening Party on Friday 31 October, where OREXIS will create a special menu, for the guests of Premier Gastronomy Festival!

    Christos Konstantinidis / Bartender – Cocktail Bar, Thessaloniki

    Greg Chelmis – Executive Chef DOMOTEL Hotels & Resorts

    Dimitris Pamporis – Executive Chef & Consultant PATMOS AKTIS SUITES & SPA

    Harry Haralambidis – CEO & Founder GASTRONOMY ESSENTIALS Ltd

    Theodosis Georgiadis – Photographer



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